Drop off and Pick up

Your dropped off clothes are usually done within 4 hours. We are open 24 hours. You may drop off or pick up at any time.

Please note that our attendants do not wash clothes at night, between the hours of 8pm and 5am.

Our computer can send you a text message whenever your order is ready. You can sign up for this free service at our drop off counter.

Well-Done or Tender ?

Our dryers dry clothes very fast in high temperature setting. Our delicate heat setting is the best choice for protecting clothes from heat damages.

We dry most of our drop-off customers' clothes in delicate heat without any upcharge.

Our customers LOVE the end results, although it takes longer to dry clothes in delicate heat.

P r i c e s

Monday to Friday: $1.00/pound
Saturday & Sunday: $1.25/pound
Additional charges may apply to heavy or fluffy items such as: blankets, comforters, carpets, pillows, and feather jackets.

We fold regular and large items into a plastic bag. We group and wrap small items with paper wrappers for easy storage for daily use. Try us and let us work for your convenience, starting today!